Watchwrestling – 205 Live results: July 2, 2021

Watch Wrestling WWE News: 205 Live results: July 2, 2021: Gacy takes down Troy in NXT Breakout Tournament Qualifying Match

Andre Chase def. Guru Raaj in a qualifying match for the NXT Breakout Tournament

The NXT Breakout Tournament took center stage at 205 Live, and if the first fight between Guru Raaj and Andre Chase is any indication of how the competition will play out, the WWE Universe should be in luck.

Raaj, who narrowly lost to Finn Bálor and earned the Prince’s respect during an epic barn burn at Superstar Spectacle in January, seemed a quicker pace than his foe in early matches, as he leveled Raaj with a hip shot. and a takedown.

Chase, however, took control by stomping on Raaj’s foot and raining his right hands before talking trash to the WWE Universe inside the Capitol Wrestling Center.

And after stating that he should have been “No. 1 seed in tournament, ”Chase backed up his bravado by jumping from his apron back into the ring to land a modified stunner, followed by a suplex for the win.

Joe Gacy def. Desmond Troy in a NXT Breakout Tournament Qualifying Match

The 205 Live main event featured a distinctive clash of styles, as Desmond Troy sought to employ his amateur decor to turn the fight into a mat fighting classic, while Joe Gacy brought his fight wild in an attempt to ensure that the high stakes game match. decide on a donnybrook.

The loyalty of the WWE Universe seemed to split during the one-shot collision, with Troy taking the lead by tattooing his foe with a flying clothesline and a couple of belly-to-belly overhead throws.

Gacy resisted Troy’s attack, however, and earned victory by staggering his opponent with a brutal head butt and urinate before sealing victory with an explosive clothesline to qualify for the NXT Breakout Tournament.

Don’t miss out on 205 Live next week, airing Friday at 9/10 C on Peacock in the United States and WWE Network elsewhere, as the NXT Breakout Tournament Qualifiers continue!

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