Watchwrestling – Belair stands tall in wild Hell in a Cell Match

Watch Wrestling WWE News: SmackDown Women’s Champion Bianca Belair def. Bayley (Hell in a Cell Match)

For weeks, Bayley laughed at Bianca Belair. But the SmackDown Women’s Champion had the last laugh within Hell in a Cell, winning a brutal battle to retain the title.

With flames adorning Belair’s outfit, the Hell in a Cell debutante seemed keenly aware of what awaited her within the demonic structure and was ready for the unique stage.

But after a good start from Bianca, The Role Model reversed course by counterattacking a superplex, striking the champion head-on against a ring post before slamming her left shoulder against another and continuing to target the same arm. .

Bayley proved that there was no line that she did not cross. The challenger bit Belair and even tied her hair in a knot around her bottom rope to keep her at bay.

Bianca turned the tables on her, driving Bayley through Kendo sticks with a spinebuster and further brutalizing her after tying her own hair to Bayley’s arm.

Belair combined innovation and cruelty in equal measure to alienate Bayley. After hitting a Senton with the challenger on the ladder, Bianca planted Bayley with the K.O.D. on the same ladder to victory.

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