Watchwrestling – Lashley survives Hell with WWE Championship intact

Watch Wrestling WWE News: WWE Champion Bobby Lashley def. Drew McIntyre (Hell in a Cell Match)

After fighting for months, Bobby Lashley and Drew McIntyre took their rivalry to a proper barbarian crescendo within Hell in a Cell, and The All Mighty reigned supreme to retain the WWE Championship.

As a result, McIntyre will not be able to compete for the WWE title as long as Lashley is champion.

McIntyre started strong, punching Lashley across the ring area, repeatedly knocking him against the chain link before leveling him off with the steel steps. The champion was stunned at first after a huge belly pounding over his head.

Lashley used the MVP baton as a means of getting back into the game. The All Mighty displayed a propensity for aggression never seen before, and then he put McIntyre in the cage repeatedly with the steps.

But the blows with the Kendo stick to McIntyre seemed to ignite a fire in the challenger, who fell back, until a thumb to Lashley’s eye caused chaos and the referee was knocked out of the ring and failed to count McIntyre’s pin after a Future Shock DDT. .

The second referee was in the ring after McIntyre hit a Claymore moments later. However, so was MVP pulling the referee out of the square circle and interrupting the count. MVP would quickly regret his involvement when The Scottish Warrior attacked him and attacked him with a Claymore.

By then, however, Lashley had recovered and ambushed McIntyre with the Hurt Lock, only to be pushed back through a table placed against the cell.

Back in the ring, the challenger pulverized Lashley with the chair. But The All Mighty responded after dodging a Claymore, showing his impressive strength by sending McIntyre across a ring-side table from the apron.

McIntyre still had one last breath left. After delivering a Glasgow Kiss and another Future Shock DDT, he seemed ready to deliver another Claymore, only for MVP to take the boot from him.

Lashley capitalized, rolling McIntyre for the count of three and leaving him in disbelief when his last chance to become champion for the foreseeable future slipped through his fingers.

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