Watchwrestling – Monday Night Raw results: June 28, 2021

Watch Wrestling WWE News: Monday Night Raw results: June 28, 2021

Riddle won a battle royal to keep Money in the Bank’s Randy Orton’s hopes alive
With Randy Orton no longer able to compete in the last Money in the Bank qualifying fight, WWE officers Adam Pearce and Sonya Deville came up with a Battle Royal filled with Money in the Bank hopefuls to take his place. However, although Riddle already qualified last week for Money in the Bank, The Original Bro competed and won the Battle Royal in honor of The Viper with the elimination of Damian Priest and earned the right to fight Drew McIntyre and AJ Styles. on behalf of Orton in a Last Chance Money in the Bank Qualifying Triple Threat Match later in the evening.

Nikki Cross def. Shayna baszler
Once again wearing her superhero-inspired outfit and attitude, “Nikki ASH-Almost a Superhero”, more commonly known as Nikki Cross, followed the qualification for Money in the Bank last week when she faced Shayna Baszler. . Shortly after, Alexa Bliss emerged and defeated Nia Jax and Reginald, and Cross believed in herself enough to tie up Baszler for another major victory.

Kofi Kingston’s face to face with MVP spelled Trouble in Paradise
In the wake of a ruthless attack by WWE Champion Bobby Lashley and MVP on Xavier Woods last week, an intense war of words turned into chaos. When he heard enough from MVP, Kofi Kingston charged at the Hurt Business executive, got out of the way of a baton attack, and attacked him with Trouble in Paradise. Meanwhile, Woods will return next week for a rematch with Lashley.

Eva Marie and Doudrop def. Asuka and Naomi
Last week, in her first match at the red mark, Eva Marie teamed up with Doudrop and fell short of Asuka and Naomi in a Money in the Bank Qualifying Match. Eva looked as if she had been trying to teach her protégé a lesson by refusing to join during a key moment in a rematch against The Empress of Tomorrow and her brilliant companion. However, Doudrop escaped the Asuka Lock and hit a running cross body that shook the earth on the former world champion to gain the victory for herself.

Ricochet vs. John Morrison ended in a double countdown
In a confrontation of the participants of the Money in the Bank Ladder Match, Ricochet jumped from the top rope and knocked Johnny Drip Drip over the barricade. It was an impressive moment that defied gravity and left the two high-octane superstars unable to beat the count.

Charlotte Flair, Natalya and Tamina def. Rhea Ripley, Mandy Rose and Dana Brooke
Charlotte Flair reigned supreme over Many Rose with heavy loot, but the Queen’s dream victory quickly turned into a Nightmare when Ripley defeated her WWE challenger Money in the Bank with a cue post-match.

Jaxson Defeat Ryker. Elias in a strap-on party
Since he left Jaxson Ryker several weeks ago, Elias has consistently given up multiple matches with the tough Ryker. As a result, the two Superstars teamed up in a brutal Strap Match, where Ryker pushed his opponent to the mat to reign supreme in a well-deserved moment of redemption.

Drew McIntyre def. Riddle and AJ Styles to qualify for Money in the Bank Ladder Match
After falling short last week on Raw, Drew McIntyre reigned supreme over AJ Styles and Riddle (who was competing on behalf of Randy Orton after winning the Battle Royal earlier in the night) in a Last Chance Triple Threat Match.

Despite leaving the match early with a very painful looking foot injury, Riddle returned and avoided the Phenomenal Foreman to attack Styles with the RKO. However, before The Original Bro could get the pin, Omos pulled The Phenomenal One out of the ring. Before Riddle could regroup, McIntyre nailed him with the Claymore Kick for victory and his place in the Money in the Bank Ladder Match!

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