Watchwrestling – Ripley outwits Flair to retain Raw Women’s Title

Watch Wrestling WWE News: Charlotte Flair def. Raw Women’s Champion Rhea Ripley via disqualification

Charlotte Flair will be victorious in the record books at WWE Hell in a Cell, but Rhea Ripley remains the Raw Women’s Champion.

Flair claimed an unsatisfactory disqualification victory, leaving her still with no gold around her waist.

The Queen seemed destined to claim the title as she dominated much of the action in just her second one-on-one match and her first since WrestleMania 36. She seemed to thwart The Nightmare at all times, not allowing Ripley any chance to win. impulse.

Ripley finally roared in response. She rose to launch a drop kick from the top rope. Flair quickly blocked the rally with Natural Selection, although she was reprimanded for attempting to use the ropes to gain an additional advantage in subsequent coverage.

The fight eventually broke down into an all-out battle of strikes, and Ripley finally hit the bigger offense she needed, taking down Flair with the Riptide, though Charlotte found a way to hang her boot on the bottom rope.

Doom seemed imminent for Ripley when she found herself trapped in Figure Four. But after escaping outside, The Nightmare hit Charlotte in the face with part of the announce table to cause disqualification.

The fight was far from over, and Ripley made it better, dropping Flair with another Riptide back into the ring before leaving with the title still in hand.

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