Watchwrestling – Rollins tops Cesaro in back-and-forth classic

Watch Wrestling WWE News: Seth Rollins def. Cesaro

Seth Rollins achieved redemption for what he called Cesaro’s serendipitous victories at WrestleMania and last month on SmackDown, ultimately defeating Cesaro at WWE Hell in a Cell.

Rollins started quickly by attacking Cesaro’s blind side during his inning, but the Swiss Superman fought back and neutralized the underhanded advantage while setting the tone for a very physical fight.

The Savior of SmackDown took control by gouging out Cesaro’s eye. Wisely, Rollins attacked his enemy’s ribs repeatedly, limiting Cesaro’s strength advantage. But despite an injured midsection, the Swiss Superman mustered up enough strength for his signature swing.

After writhing in agony while locked inside the Sharpshooter, Rollins deftly shoved his adversary into a small pack for the count of three out of nowhere, surprising Cesaro. And while the circumstances may have been unpredictable, The Architect was more than happy to celebrate.

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