Watchwrestling – Roman Reigns and Rey Mysterio to fight for family honor at WWE Hell in a Cell

Watch Wrestling WWE News: Universal Champion Roman Reigns vs. Rey Mysterio (Hell in a Cell Match)

Family above all.

As announced on WWE Talking Smack, the leaders of two of WWE’s most iconic families will go into battle when Roman Reigns meets Rey Mysterio in a Hell in a Cell universal title match.

The elderly Mysterio faced the Chief of the Table on SmackDown after the Universal Champion’s brutal attack on his son Dominik. Father and son launched a Kendo stick attack from which Reigns narrowly escaped.

The Mysterios have carried a goal on their back as SmackDown Tag Team Champions, but the father-son duo always face the battle shoulder to shoulder. On the other hand, Reigns has seen Jimmy Uso’s resurgence by drawing a line between himself and his “Right Hand” Jey Uso. Family ties may not matter, however, when Hell in a Cell’s relentless steel frame closes around The Ultimate Underdog and The Head of the Table.

Will Rey show the Universal Champion what it really means to lead his family? Or will Reigns force another opponent to acknowledge him?

Don’t miss out on the massive title showdown on Sunday, June 20 at 8 ET / 5 PT at Peacock in the United States and WWE Network elsewhere.

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