Watchwrestling – SmackDown results: June 18, 2021

Watch Wrestling WWE News: SmackDown results: June 18, 2021

Rey Mysterio involved Roman Reigns in a war of words before his Hell in a Cell Match
Focused on retribution for his son Dominik, Rey Mysterio called out Universal Champion Roman Reigns, sparking a head-to-head that angered the impending showdown within the dreaded structure.

Apollo Crews & Commander Azeez def. Big E and Kevin Owens
After blaming Sami Zayn for their tag loss to Big E and Kevin Owens last week, Apollo Crews enlisted the help of rookie Commander Azeez for a tag team rematch. The Master Strategist joined the SmackDown announcement team.

Zayn’s interruption paved the way for Azeez to hit KO with the Nigerian Nail and left the conspiracy theorist dancing in the backstage area in celebration.

Shinsuke Nakamura def. King Corbin in a battle for the crown
After weeks of taunting King Corbin and wandering around with the crown, The Strong Style King came face to face with the ruthless monarch for the crown and kingdom.

With Rick Boogs cheering him on at ringside, Nakamura beat Corbin with Kinshasa and was crowned the real and legitimate victor.

Bayley sent a painful message to Bianca Belair on the way to the Hell in a Cell showdown
Although SmackDown Women’s Champion Bianca Belair called Bayley two days before her rematch for the SmackDown Women’s Championship at WWE Hell in a Cell, it wasn’t until she announced that the fight would be inside Hell in a Cell that The Role Model appeared. and got engaged to The EST. WWE, using Belair’s hair to unleash a severe beating on the champion.

Angelo Dawkins vs. Otis ended in a No-Contest
Before the bell could ring in Angelo Dawkins’ attempt to exact revenge on Otis for his brutal attack on Montez Ford last week, a pregame slap from Chad Gable caused the proceedings to derail and lead to another brutal showdown. . a beating at the hands of Otis and his instructor from Alpha Academy.

Roman Reigns def. Rey Mysterio in a Hell in a Cell Match for the universal title that makes history
In the first SmackDown Hell in a Cell Match, Rey Mysterio faced Roman Reigns in a relentless battle for retribution after the Head of the Table threw Dominik over the top rope last week and straight to the ring floor to get him out. completely out of the action. .

The Legendary Fighter incorporated everything possible in his quest for revenge, including a fire extinguisher, a toolbox, and a steel chair. Mysterio even threw a frog jump off the top rope to push a steel chair towards the holder. Reigns defended himself as only the Chief of the Table could, punishing the Master of 619 whenever possible.

In the final moments, Reigns threw Mysterio over the top rope, through the air and into the relentless steel of the cell. He then locked up a version of the Guillotine to make his opponent finally tap.

Afterward, Jimmy Uso emerged and watched as Reigns locked the Guillotine once more in Rey.


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