Watchwrestling – WWE boasts three finalists at New York Festivals TV & Film Awards

Watch Wrestling WWE News: WWE boasts three finalists at New York Festivals TV & Film Awards

Three of WWE’s most acclaimed documentaries have been recognized as finalists for upcoming film and television awards at New York festivals: WWE 24: Edge – The Second Mountain, WWE Chronicle: Jey Uso and WWE Untold: Goldberg’s Streak.

WWE 24: Edge – The Second Mountain is ready for “Documentary: Bio / Profiles”.

WWE Chronicle: Jey Uso got the go-ahead for “Craft: Films / Productions: Cinematography.”

WWE Untold: Goldberg’s streak is competing for “Streaming: Streaming Documentary.”

Winners will be announced at the Storytellers Gala honoring the Radio & TV & Film Awards on Tuesday, October 12 at the NAB show in Las Vegas.

The New York Festivals Film and Television Awards “honor content in all lengths and forms from more than 50 countries. Spanning all aspects of the television and film industries, the categories reflect current global trends and encourage the next generation of storytellers by recognizing innovators in 14 category groups: news shows, news reports / reports, programs sports, documentaries, entertainment programs, entertainment specials. , Crafts programs, promotions / identification and station openings, promotion / identification and open crafts, broadcasting, students, films, corporate image and cinematographic crafts “.

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