Watchwrestling – WWE NXT UK results, June 13, 2021

Watch Wrestling WWE News: WWE NXT UK results, June 13, 2021

Ilja Dragunov def. Noam Dar

Noam Dar started the match by goading Ilja Dragunov in the same way he did in “Supernova Sessions” two weeks ago, and while it initially appeared to be a costly mistake, Dar was able to use Mad Russian’s aggression against him, turning the tide with a dropkick that sent Dragunov crashing outward.

NXT UK Tag Team Champions Pretty Deadly def. Jack Starz & Nathan Frazer

Dar began targeting and potentially injuring Dragunov’s leg, then targeting with a knee bar until Dragunov struggled out of the grip thanks to violent elbows. The Mad Russian was able to corner his inner demons in this match, countering Dar’s Nova Roller with Torpedo Moscow for the victory.

Pretty Deadly made a huge miscalculation in assuming that Jack Starz couldn’t find a suitable partner, as Nathan Frazer joined him to take on the NXT UK Tag Team Champions. Starz & Frazer nearly pulled off the title-winning surprise, but Sam Stoker & Lewis Howley’s superior chemistry won, and a timely tag that Starz missed led Spilled Milk to victory.

Joseph Conners w/Jinny def. Flash Morgan Webster

Joseph Conners’ alliance with The Fashionista once again paid off. Although Flash Morgan Webster had Conners hot on his heels thanks to several high-risk maneuvers, Jinny made his presence felt, throwing Webster’s helmet at Conners, and although the officer confiscated it, it provided enough of a distraction for Jinny to push Webster away. the top. rope. Conners capitalized on a devastating neckbreaker for victory, and fled before the rest of SUBCULTURE arrived.

Joe Coffey def. Rampage Brown

Three months ago, Joe Coffey and Rampage Brown absolutely hit each other, and this collision may have been even more physical.

Prepared to even the tally after losing his February lean, Coffey aimed to blow up Brown’s midsection after he weakened in a forceful battle with Gallus’s Wolfgang last month. But Rampage returned the favor, deftly attacking Coffey’s injured left hand in return.

In the end, however, Coffey edged out Brown. With his ribs weakened, Rampage was unable to deliver Doctor Bomb and Coffey seized the moment, launching him with All the Best for the Bells, achieving redemption after losing their first encounter.

The warriors appeared to make plans for a rubber fight afterward before being interrupted by Dragunov, who glared at both men, forcing the NXT UK Universe to wonder what might be in store if the three attackers clashed.

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