Watchwrestling – WWE NXT UK results: June 17, 2021

Watch Wrestling WWE News: WWE NXT UK results: June 17, 2021

Wolfgang def. Sam gradwell

If you’re in favor of a left-and-right trade rather than can-catch-like-catch submission holds, this was the fight for you.

In a clash between two of the brand’s toughest competitors, Wolfgang and Sam Gradwell traded fists, forearms and elbows with reckless abandon from the opening bell to the final count of three.

And although Gradwell barked at his opponent on his march to the ring, and during the match itself, the Last King of Scotland nevertheless struck The Thunderstorm with a header and nearly knocked him out of his boots to win the victory, despite bearing a battle wound. above his left eye.

Defeat Kenny Williams. Danny Jones

Not many competitors would adopt a nickname like “The Scum of the Earth”, but Kenny Williams is no ordinary NXT UK superstar.

After ruthlessly attacking his longtime teammate Amir Jordan at a Loser Leaves NXT UK Match several weeks ago, Williams is as arrogant as ever, and his arrogance was on display in his confrontation with him. Danny Jones.

Jones hit Williams with an evil enzuigiri and staggered his opponent, but “The Scum of the Earth” knocked Jones out by the knee and took the victory with Bad Luck.

Jordan Devlin challenged the NXT UK roster at “Supernova Sessions”

Wearing sunglasses and scowling, Jordan Devlin joined Noam Dar in “Supernova Sessions.”

Dar mentioned that he hoped The Irish Ace would join his show with the NXT cruiserweight title, but Devlin insisted that “just because someone can climb a ladder faster than you does, it doesn’t make him the best man.”

After The Scottish Supernova gave him the floor, Devlin declared himself “the franchise player” of NXT UK and challenged anyone to try to prove him wrong.

Nathan Frazer def. Rohan raja

Nathan Frazer entered his fight against Rohan Raja having won five of his last six singles matches, and looked to keep the good times going.

Raja, who returned from a gruesome arm injury at the hands of Teoman, seemed to be sporting a new intensity in his first comeback match, highlighted by a pop-up power bomb that produced a long two count. Unfortunately for Raja, his energetic effort was in vain when Frazer landed a header and a beautiful frog shot for 1-2-3.

The Superstars exchanged nods of respect, but were interrupted when an eye (possibly Teoman’s) appeared on the TitanTron.

Subculture def. Joseph Conners and Jinny

Ever since they formed Subculture several weeks ago, Mark Andrews, Flash Morgan Webster, and Dani Luna have been looking for a signature victory, and they got one when Webster and Luna took on Joseph Conners and Jinny.

When the NXT UK Tag Team Champions Pretty Deadly offered their unique perspectives on the fighters from the announce table, Conners blistered Webster with a series of strikes, but Luna claimed the upper hand for her squad when she defeated Jinny with a variety of suplexes. .

With Webster and Conners in the ring area, Luna began effortlessly tossing The Fashionista around the ring. The men soon rejoined the action, and as Luna threw Conners out of the ring, Jinny took advantage by landing a DDT on Luna, who barely kicked.

Subculture claimed victory when Luna marked Jinny with a kick and Webster landed a perfect 450 Splash to pin Conners.

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